Wrangler Squeeze Chute

The Wrangler Squeeze Chute is constructed from 2″, 13 gauge steel and can hook up to 2W’s Single and Double Alleys or any of our 500 series panels.

  • Length: 106″
  • Height: 86.5″
  • Width: 45.5
  • Weight: 1300 lbs.


The Wrangler Squeeze Chute features a straight wall design, eliminating wedging issues, allowing cattle to have free forward movement. Both sides of the chute move in when squeezing, assisting in pushing the animal forward to reduce neck pressure.

Features include:

• Self-catching head gate with neck extender
• Removable bottom panels
• Squeezes from both sides
• No cables
• Tailgate locks in up and down positions
• Comes in either left or right exit option
• Inside dimensions are 8’11 x 34″

The Wrangler comes with the option of a block door or you can add a palpation cage between your alleys.

Unit Number Description

4016 Wrangler Squeeze Chute (Right Exit)
4017 Wrangler Squeeze Chute (Left Exit)


Check out page 35 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

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