Wrangler Crowding Tub

The 2W Wrangler Crowding Tub offers the ultimate in safety and efficiency in handling your livestock. It is constructed out of 2″, 13 gauge steel and lined with 1/4″ puck board.


The Wrangler Crowding Tub is constructed with 3 sections, is reversible (left or right flow), and is 20 feet in diameter with spreader bars on both top and bottom. It features a positive safety latch, which can be locked back.

The three section Crowding Tub includes:

  •  Tub swing gate
  •  Tub perimeter posts
  •  Tub centre post
  •  Plastic tub panel
  • Tub spreader bars
  • Tub V panels
  • 500 series 2 way post

Available options include:

  • A fourth section
  • Catwalk
  • 3 Section Tub
  • 3 Section Tub 9’6”
  • 2 Section Tub


Check out page 38 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

Product Catalogue