Timed Event Chute

2W manufactures a complete line of rodeo equipment including bucking chutes, timed event chutes and extensions, stripping chutes, block doors and rodeo corners all out of 2″ 13 gauge tube. See us at numerous locations in North America including Billings, Montana and the PNE in Vancouver.

This easy access, durable and long lasting chutes that will serve your rodeo requirements for many years.

  • Side access Gates for easy operation.
  • Contoured sheeting to keep stock pointing forward and legs & feet in chute.
  • Slatted head gates to keep stock facing down the arena.
  • Spring operated head gates for fast opening and ease of operation.
  • Drop gate on back for easy control of stock flow.
  • The classic model also has a side gate at the front for easy neck access.


3767 – Standard Timed Event (With Rear Side Door)


Check out page 50 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

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