Round Pens

2W offers various options and products to create your ideal round pen! If you are ready to take the next step in building a round pen there are a lot of factors to consider, this is why 2W can customize the round pen to suit any needs.

Are you building it inside or outside? How big do you want to make it? Would you like it a straight wall or angled?

The number of feet of paneling that you need for your round pen is calculated by the number of diameter feet by pi (3.14). For example, if you want a 50 foot diameter round pen, you would multiply 50 by 3.14 which equals approximately 160 linear feet of paneling.

The most common/popular set up include:

  • 50-60′ for colts and 120′-150 for cattle working pens
  • 6 feet high
  • 10′ or 12′ length panel and high pole gate (Bow Gate)


Freestanding 2W Round Pens allow you to leave it in a permanent location or construct it where and when it is convenient for you. Made out of our Lemsco Series panels (available in 5 feet high 5 rail, 5 feet high, 6 rail or 6 feet high, 6 rail)

Now Available! Sheeted Angled Round Pen
We are now offering a 10 foot sheeted angled panel and high pole gate to create your round pen. Standard size is a 50 foot round pen which would be made up of 15 angled panels and 1 high pole gate.
Panel: 2″, 16 gauge
High Pole Gate: 2″, 13 gauge

Other options include:
500 Series Arena Panels which are self connecting or 500 Series panels and posts for a more permanent choice.

Check out page 52 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

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