Bucking Chutes

2W manufactures a complete line of rodeo equipment with 2″, 13 gauge tube. See us at numerous locations in North America including Billings, Montana and the PNE in Vancouver.


2W manufactures a complete line of rodeo equipment including bucking chutes, timed event chutes and extensions, stripping chutes, block doors and rodeo corners all out of 2″ 13 gauge tube.

The bucking chutes can be purchased as single units or in banks with 3 left and 3 right being the most common. They come complete with 4 foot wide catwalks on the back which can be ordered permanent or to fold up making the bucking chutes portable. The block doors are rolling from the bottom to eliminate the bar sticking out the back on the permanent bucking chutes. The doors are lockable and there is a “Pre-Load” on the swing gate.

Bucking Chute Number One has block doors on each end & Bucking Chute and Number Two has only one so when ordering banks of chutes you need to order one of the Number One to start and then as many of the Number Two chutes as required.


Check out page 49 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

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