Performer Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

The Performer Hydraulic Squeeze Chute will meet all your cattle handling needs.

• Length: 120″
• Height: 96″
• Width: 80″
• Weight: 3200 lbs.


This squeeze comes standard with:

• 5 horse power motor
• Dual hydraulic head restraint
• Pivot control arm
• Palpation doors
• Shock absorbing head gate
• Hydraulic moving floor
• 8 foot hose

Available options at the time of order include:

• Dual hydraulic controls
• Sternum Bars
• Slatted Floors

This product qualifies for funding through the Growing Forward 2 Program. Please visit your provincial government website for more information.

Unit NumberDescription

4020 Hydraulic Squeeze (No Exit)
4023 Hydraulic Squeeze (Double Exit) With Electric Motor
4024 Hydraulic Squeeze (Double Exit) With Gas Powered Motor

Check out page 34 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

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