Maternity Pen

The 2W Animal Health Centre, also known as a Maternity pen was designed to fit into most existing ranch buildings, sheds, barns and corral systems.
Like most of our products, the Health Centre can be customized to fit your space and your needs.
It is available in both 400 (5 feet high, 5 rail) and 500 (6 feet high, 6 rail) series. We have listed to 2 most popular set ups, however all the components can be purchased separately so you can create your ideal pen.

We are excited to announce we have just updated and improved our headgate and mainframe making it stronger and easier to set up. The new mainframe now has hook-ups directly on the frame eliminating the need for 2 posts. The headgate is our Wrangler headgate that is simply mounted to the mainframe and we have removed the cables.


The 2W Animal Health Centre is a 10 foot by 8 foot multipurpose pen. The mainframe is built with a split gate that swings over to secure the animal in the headgate. A popular option is to include a second 8ft split high pole gate on the other side for another space for newborn calves to feed.

The 2W Animal Health Centre is designed to be used for calving, nursing, hoof trimming, preg-testing, and anything else you need it for. Included with the Health Centre is a:

  • Self-catching head gate
  • Split gate that squeezes the animal
  • “Butt” chain

Health center options include:

  • Additional front gate
  • Split high pole gate

These additions allows you complete access to both sides of the animal.

The headgate and the main frame can be purchased separately.


Check out page 40 and 41 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

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