Lindsay Sears Folding Travel Panel

2W is excited to announce the release of our Lindsay Sears 8′ Folding Travel Panel. We want to try and make traveling with your horses that much better. What do you look for in a travel panel? Lightweight? Easy to transport? Simple set up? Long lasting?


This all new travel panel is all of those things!
– 42 pounds
– 8 feet long, 4′ when folded
– 54″ tall with 3 rails
– They are light weight, weighing only 42 pounds. This makes it easy to load, set up and take down
– Can easily fit in the bed of a pick-up truck, with a goose neck trailer or without
– Easily and conveniently attach feeding buckets at the right height for your horses
These panels come in a package that includes 6 Panels and 2 Trailer Hookups. Make a complete pen with all 6 panels, or made a “U” in front of your trailer.
Check out page 55 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

Product Catalogue