Posts – HD

2W’s Heavy Duty Posts are steel posts with pins and clips to hook up any of your heavy duty equipment together. The benefit of using posts versus self connecting panels is the flexibility it creates when building more pens. The posts also can create more stability to your design and provides the opportunity to decide whether it is best to put spreader bars and posts.

Posts are made out of 2 3/8″ pipe. Please visit the Training Portal for a PDF of the spaces between each post hookups.

2W Posts are available in all series including our medium duty as 2-way, 3-way or 4-way posts. Adapter posts are available upon request to convert from one series to the next.

Depending on your system design, we also have Wall Mounting Brackets and Panel Mounting Brackets to fit your space.


Also available:

Wall mounting brackets are flat iron with pins and clips that can be used to attach equipment to walls or wood posts. There are both male and female options to fit any design.

Panel mounting brackets are angle iron with pins and clips to attach equipment where there is no post. There are both male and female options to fit any design.


Check out page 23 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

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