Farm Gate

The 2W Farm Gate is our most popular multipurpose gate. Made with 1.5″ 14 gauge steel it has 5 rails (10″ spacing) and is most commonly mounted 1 foot off the ground for an overall height of 5 feet.  Farm gates come with a chain and latch to go around your post or you can buy a double locking Sure Latch which helps to eliminate sagging and are easy to open.


Ideal for low to medium stress areas, such as driveways and pasture openings. The Farm Gate is available for 4′ – 6′ – 8′ – 10′ – 12′ – 14′ –  16′ – 18′ and 20′ openings.

**Gates measure 6 inches shorter to fit the opening once mounted**

Check out page 6 of the Product Catalogue for additional details.

Product Catalogue