Bud Box


The Bud Box creates easy and steady flow of animals into a single or double Crowding Alley.

The Bud Box can be designed using whatever configuration of panels and gates that suits each individual operation. It is used for ease of animal flow into a double or single Crowding Alley. The Bud Box allows for more animals to be processed in one day, with less workers and stress.
Kevin Westbrook, Operations Manager at Bos Terra in Montana, changed over to a Bud Box system and says he processes about 10% more animals in a day with one less worker and a lot less stress.

  • Bud Box 10’ – Single Alley
  • Bud Box 12’ – Single Alley
  • Bud Box 10’ – Double Alley
  • Bud Box 12’ – Double Alley

Check out page 36 of the Product Catalogue for additional information

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