Welcome to 2W Livestock

For over 25 years, 2W Livestock Equipment has been manufacturing and distributing livestock equipment, unparalleled in quality and design.

Our large distributor network throughout North America helps us serve customers in the horse, cattle, bison, and sheep industries. With our main manufacturing facility located in Nanton, Alberta – just 1 hour south of Calgary – By working together with our distributors we have proudly and successfully designed hundreds of systems and we service the rodeo, roping, and acreage communities with a wide range of equipment and systems.

Having developed within the cattle handling industry over the past 25 years, 2W has been able to evolve our equipment to suit your needs as they’ve changed. In fact, in 2010 we expanded our manufacturing facility to add a state-of-the-art powder paint system, robotic welding capabilities, and laser cutting equipment. All of these technologies ensure that we will be able to supply you with top quality livestock equipment, designed to last for generations. Through our customer input, high yield strength steel, and consistent quality, our equipment and systems continue to stand up against any impact from livestock!


To Our Customers

We provide quality, long lasting livestock equipment that you can pass on to future generations.

To Our Community

We support the livestock and farming community by providing long term employment opportunities and sponsoring local activities.

To Our Dealers

We refer customers to your stores and support you in system design and product innovation to meet your customers’ needs.
John Blake
I have installed many versions of 2W’s EZ-Duz-It or “Bud Box” systems. They are very versatile and can easily be adapted to the buyers needs. Both systems are simply put together using standard 2W panels in the proper configuration. They require very few special (and expensive) pieces. Cattle flow easily through them., These systems can easily be reconfigured is the operations require change. The equipment is of high quality and will retain its value for many years.
Dennis, Dianne & Tim ScottDendiaT Stock Farm
We have had our 2W Wrangler Squeeze chute for over ten years and have found it to be very well built and user friendly. It has handled a lot of cattle over the years, and we have even put buffalo and horses through it. It is one tough chute!
Kevin WestbrookOperations Manager – Bos Terra Feedlot
At Bos Terra, we started with a tub and single alley system. We have switched to a BudBox leading into a 2W double to single crowd alley, which has made processing cattle a lot easier with a lot less tress on both the livestock and the workers. We process a lot more head in one day with this system. We can use one less handler and everyone is much happier and less over-worked at the end of the day. We wouldn’t trade our new 2W system now for anything!
Riley BlakeBlake Ranches
BudBox works on the principal that cattle want to return to where they came from.